Production worker mixing department

Production worker mixing department

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Bertels is a manufacturing and trading company that produces and supplies various types of substrates, basic nutrients and additives for plants. We supply our products to customers in various industries around the world. We own 2 brands known under 2 trade names, namely “Plagron” and “Pure”.

What will your job look like?

Gathering all necessary raw materials for mixing the final product

Processing the mixing orders as efficiently as possible by means of a product recipe

Correctly filling in the used codes

Disinfection of the mixing kettle and the vessels

Production worker mixing department

What are you gonna do for us?
As a production worker mixing department you ensure correct mixing of the product. Your day starts with a cup of coffee and then you get to work at 7:30 AM. You will prepare the necessary raw materials based on a recipe. As soon as you have collected all the materials, you start with the systematic mixing in the mixing kettle. Once the mixture is ready, you take a few samples for the R&D department. The next step in the process is to transfer the mixture into large vessels. Once the mixture has been released by R&D, the mixture is ready for use. Finally, you take care of cleaning and disinfecting the mixing kettle and the barrels.
The production department consists of 5 departments and a business office. The filling department is 1 of the 5 departments. The total production department, including business office, has just under 20 employees. The planning is provided by the planner who works at the business office.
Main work

  • Gathering all necessary raw materials for mixing the final product;
  • Processing the mixing orders as efficiently as possible by means of a product recipe;
  • Correctly filling in the used codes;
  • Disinfection of the mixing kettle and the vessels;
  • Assisting other departments in production during peaks.

Which talents and skills would we like to see reflected in this position?
As a production worker you feel comfortable working in an informal family business. As an organization we are growing fast, your proactive mentality is useful.

  • You have at least a completed MBO education;
  • You have a good command of the Dutch language, spoken and written;
  • It is important that you work accurately and alertly, can work well under pressure and are serious;
  • You are eager to learn and not afraid to roll up your sleeves;
  • Having a forklift truck certificate and having experience with a forklift truck is a must;
  • You have good communication skills and enjoy working in a team.

What can you expect from us?
The atmosphere within Bertels is no-nonsense, open and informal. You will work at a young organization where you will be given every opportunity to develop yourself. Your input and professional skills can really make a difference to our organization.

  • Upon commencement of employment, you will receive a course in dealing with hazardous materials;
  • A company on the move where no day is the same;
  • Market-based employment conditions;
  • A collegial team;
  • Short communication lines;
  • A good pension fund, travel allowance and additional insurance;
  • Company fitness membership;
  • Working hours from 7:30 am to 4:15 pm;
  • Training opportunities;
  • A first fixed-term employment contract, if functioning properly it can be followed up by an employment contract for an indefinite period.

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Production worker mixing department

Employee review: Ralf - Production worker mixing department

"We have a nice team of people working on the production floor. Everyone has their own task, of course. But if someone needs a hand we’re all happy to fill in and help a colleague. There’s an open atmosphere in the company, which makes communication between departments quick and easy. I think that’s a pleasant experience."


About Bertels

We are a leading company that produces a wide range of substrates, basic nutrients and additives for a wide spectrum of growers. More than 25 years of experience has ensured that Bertels has grown from a small worm farm to an international company that ranks among the top of the market. In addition to its own successful brands Pure and Plagron, Bertels offers full service in the field of private labels.

Thanks to these brands we can supply top quality products, service and expertise to growers of widely differing experience levels. With Plagron we reach small scale hobby growers as well as large, certified growing facilities. Pure is aimed towards professional businesses like sports fields, golf courses, public parks and professional horticulture.

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