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Jeroen - Photographer & Motion Graphic Designer

Jeroen - Photographer & Motion Graphic Designer

"Working in the Graphics department gives me new energy every day. In collaboration with other departments, we create the coolest projects from the most creative insights. We create everything from packaging, promo materials and merchandise to film and photography. One of the nicest things is seeing the result of the projects my colleagues and I have worked on."


About Bertels

We are a leading company that produces a wide range of substrates, basic nutrients and additives for a wide spectrum of growers. More than 25 years of experience has ensured that Bertels has grown from a small worm farm to an international company that ranks among the top of the market. In addition to its own successful brands Pure and Plagron, Bertels offers full service in the field of private labels.

Thanks to these brands we can supply top quality products, service and expertise to growers of widely differing experience levels. With Plagron we reach small scale hobby growers as well as large, certified growing facilities. Pure is aimed towards professional businesses like sports fields, golf courses, public parks and professional horticulture.

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